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暑くなると、着心地の良い、シンプルなアイテムばかりのスタイリングになるこの時期。 でも、どこかパッとしなくて何だか気分も上がらない、シンプルなアイテムが上手く着こなせない...という方々と、シンプルなのにカッコイイ!着こなしてる感がある人との最大の差はアクセサリー!

今までほとんどアクセサリーには手をつけてこなかった方が一気に身につけるというのもちょっと抵抗があるというもの。 そこで、今回はボリュームMAXを100%として、70%、40%という割合でご紹介!
When it gets hot, it's a time when the styling is just simple items that are comfortable to wear. However, it's simple but cool with people who don't feel comfortable and can't wear simple items well. The biggest difference from those who have a feeling of wearing is accessories!
At this time of year, TRY is an accessory that can be used all year round, away from clothes!

It's a little reluctant for people who haven't touched accessories until now to wear them all at once. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the volume MAX as 100% at the ratio of 70% and 40%!
The accessories selected by QUADRATO match any combination in a well-balanced manner, so why not start with 40% and gradually get your favorite combination?

どの割り合いのバランスでも、バングルの太さとリングのバランスは絶対に比例させることが絶対条件 It is an absolute requirement that the thickness of the bangle and the balance of the ring are absolutely proportional to each other.

洋服と同じ感覚で、それぞれをゆっくりと買い足しながら、組み合わせを楽しむアクセサリー! Accessories that you can enjoy the combination while slowly buying each one in the same way as clothes!

" My Amulet&Happy Jinx "

それは、ワタシが幼いころから見てきた母から学んだことの一つでもあり、仕事に追われていても、どんなに疲れていても、母は常に女性らしさと、人として強さがあった。 そんな母の首元にはさりげなくダイヤのネックレスがしてありました。 今年で75歳になる母の首元には、今もずっとさりげなくそのネックレスがされています。

特に左手のピンキーリングは、「信頼」や「自分への希望」を表すとされ、チャンスを掴みやすく幸せを引き寄せるとされています。 幸せを引き寄せたいのなら、常に身に付けておく事が大切とされ、特別な時にしかつけないのはNG。
そこで、直接肌に触れるモノだからこそ、「①素材の良さ ②見た目の美しさ ③自分をさらによく見せる華やかさ」の3つの条件を兼ね備えたアクセサリーをワタシは御守りとして常に身に付けています★
When I look at myself after taking a bath at home in the mirror, I feel that just having a necklace on my chest I want to shine like a woman no matter how many times I get
It's one of the things I've learned from her mother since she was a child, and no matter how tired she is, her mother is always feminine and strong as a person. was there. There was a diamond necklace casually on her mother's neck. Her mother, who turns 75 this year, still wears the necklace casually around her neck.

In particular, the pinky ring on the left hand is said to represent "trust" and "hope for oneself", and is easy to seize opportunities and attract happiness. If you want to attract happiness, it is important to always wear it, and it is NG to wear it only at special times.
There is no doubt that items that are too large or designs that are difficult to combine with clothes that you often wear are NG.
Therefore, because it is a product that comes into direct contact with the skin, I use accessories that combine the three conditions of "① Good material ② Beauty of appearance ③ Gorgeousness that makes me look even better" as a talisman. I always wear it★