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ジャストサイズでスッキリと履くもアリ、ゆったりとしたシルエットで履くも良し。 どのサイズを選んでも、違和感なくいつものスタイリングアイテムとマッチするこのデニムパンツは、ウェストのサイズで選んでた昭和のジーパンから、足周りのシルエットで選ぶ令和のデニムパンツとして永く愛用していただける自信作デス!
Denim that has been processed and silhouetted over and over again over a year with bajra under the theme of "washed denim that fits comfortably with the usual tops and styling items".
Introducing the points of denim that we were particular about and the styling that you can turn on to your usual items when it is restocked this time because it is sold out immediately after its release!
You can wear it in just the right size, or you can wear it in a loose silhouette. No matter which size you choose, these denim pants will match your usual styling items without any discomfort, and you can use them for a long time as Reiwa denim pants that you can choose from the Showa jeans that you chose for your waist size and the silhouette around your legs!

" バックドレープのカーキコートとウォッシュデニム。 いつものスタイリッシュな雰囲気のまま、デニムONして作るカジュアルスタイリッシュはまさに合わせたかった組み合わせ! "
" Back drape khaki coat and wash denim. The casual stylish style that you make with denim on while keeping the usual stylish atmosphere is exactly the combination you wanted to match! "

" ALL BLACKのスウェットからデニムにシフトすることで、同じ黒アイテムも新鮮な印象に! 楽チンさは、そのままに印象を変えて楽しむ! "
" By shifting from ALL BLACK sweatitems to denim, the same black items will have a fresh impression! Enjoy changing the impression as it is! "

" デニムとニット。この組み合わせはいつの時代も間違いナシ! ニットスタイリングのON&OFFとしてデニムは簡単絶対のマストアイテム★ "
" Denim and knit. This combination is always pear! Denim is an easy must-have item for knit styling ON & OFF★ "

" スカートでちょっとしたお出かけスタイリングに。 そのままデニムにスイッチしてデイリースタイリングに。 これぞ、ありそうでなかったデニムの使い方! "
" For a little outing styling with a skirt. Switch to denim as it is for daily styling. This is how to use denim, which was unlikely! "