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PURO sneakers are still popular that are easy to wear, light, and easy to style, and there are many inquiries about restocking.
We have been using it for a long time as a design that does not go out of fashion, so we have restocked it several times, but it will end with the existing stock.
Even when there was a price increase on the brand side with the same model from the previous season, we have kept the same selling price by ourselves, but this time we will raise the selling price because of the significant price increase. If you can't keep it, you should give up restocking ...
So, for those who are wondering whether to use two colors this time, or those who already have one pair and want different colors, I will introduce again that just changing the feet with the same styling will create a completely different atmosphere. !!

And this time, the size I was aiming for is missing, but if I put in the insole, it will be my own size! For those who say, you can also hand it over with a memory foam insole!
I'm curious about new sneakers, but why don't you try new styling with your existing clothes with a completely different type of sneakers from the boots you have now?

  • PURO

    ブーツでエッジを効かせたスタイリングから、スタイリッシュカジュアルへと一瞬で変えてくれるのがこのバイカラータイプ。 This bicolor type instantly changes from edgy boots styling to stylish casual styling.

  • PURO

    If you want to put together sneakers in COOL, this white sneaker.
    A super-excellent pair of sneakers that will give you an edgy styling!

  • " スニーカーとニットの相性◎ ニットの楽しみ方はスニーカーで! "
    " Compatibility between sneakers and knits◎ Enjoy knits with sneakers! "

  • " 足元の重要性を再認識!イチマイのコートの雰囲気を変えるなら足元から! "
    " Recognize the importance of your foot wear! If you want to change the atmosphere of a coat, start from your shoes! "

  • " ALL BLACKに足元チェンジで、簡単に新しいスタイリングに! "
    " Change your shoes to ALL BLACK for easy new styling! "

  • " ライダースのCOOLさ&スカートのFEMININEスタイリングにも◎ "
    " COOL Riders'Jacket & FEMININE skirt styling◎ "

  • " WHITEアイテムのリンクスタイリングには相乗効果でアイテムの良さを引き出す! "
    " The link styling of WHITE items brings out the goodness of the item with a synergistic effect! "

  • " いつものブーツからスニーカーにシフトして、デイリーユーズに! "
    " Shift from your usual boots styling to sneakers for daily use styling! "