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There were many requests to see the content mainly on WHITE in this year's version that was uploaded at this time last year, so this time's content was created in this year's version.
Last year, many people enjoyed the usual black styling with WHITE as the main item, instead of the styling that was all black styling.
We hope this year will be an opportunity for more people to enjoy a wider range of fashion!

    • " 最強3アイテムのスタイリングをベースに、WHITEをINしてあったか冬仕様に! " "Based on styling using the best 3 items, WHITE was IN or it was winter specification!"
      The loose cardigan coat is a great item that can be used with any knit, cardigan, or coat!
      Even though it's a base, spring and autumn are definitely recommended items and styling that will be enough as it is!

    • " いつものスウェットデイリースタイリングにもWHITEをONして楽しむ! " "For the usual sweatshirt daily styling turning on WHITE and enjoy!"
      By taking advantage of the hoodie and peeking through the outer, the white that tends to be crisp is easy to get used to, and even beginners can easily wear it!
      The four WHITE outer that match the casual and rough sweat styling have a COOL that is the exact opposite of the sweetness.

    • " 着心地の良さはそのままにエッジを効かせたスタイリングは白にONすることでエッジ&フェミニンの合わせスタイリングに! " "The styling that makes the edge work while keeping the comfort is turned on to white for a combined styling of edgy and feminine!"
      ここでいつもの黒アウターから白へとシフトすることで、エッジがある雰囲気の中にもスタイリッシュさがが生まれるという新しい雰囲気に! By shifting from the usual black outerwear to white here, a stylish atmosphere is created even in an edgy atmosphere, creating a new atmosphere!