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This winter, when it is said that the cold weather will be colder than usual, is the year-end and New Year holidays when I feel that it has finally arrived.
"Enjoy fashion because it's cold!", So we wanted to introduce a luxurious knit jacket that has been attracting attention since its release!
The price of this knit jacket is high, but the focus here is that it is a convincing item!
It's not just a kind of important day because it's pricey, but you can enjoy it in a daily style every day! So, this time we will introduce the theme of daily styling!

Because RUNDHOLZ will never release the same item, I am fully satisfied and satisfied with this timing, so I definitely want you to get this luxurious knit!


1. " Special Design Knit "

2. " Clean around Bust "

3. " Thin but Warm Knit "

4. " Jacket like silhouette "

5. " Accented Leather "

1. " Special Design Knit "
~Detailed design with elaborate details~

2. " Clean around Bust "
~Zip-up type for no tighten chest~

3. " Thin but Warm Knit "
~Thin but warm cashmere~

4. " Jacket like silhouette "
~Knit comfort with a jacket-like silhouette~

5. " Accented Leather "
~The gentle texture of the knit adds the edge of the leather cord~

普通の黒ジャケットはもう持っているという方には、是非このニットの黒ジャケットタイプで、通常のジャケットにはない雰囲気のスタイリングを楽しんでもらいたいイチマイ! If you already have a normal black jacket, I would like you to enjoy the styling of this knit black jacket type, which is not found in ordinary jackets!
    • "ジャケットならカチッとしすぎるスタイリングもニット素材で抜け感が出るデイリーバランス!"
      "The daily balance of the knit material gives a feeling of slipping out even if the jacket is too neat for styling!"
    • "デニムにジャケットだと古臭さがプンプン。カーディガン感覚で羽織るジャケットだからこそ◎"
      "If it's a jacket on denim, it's old-fashioned. This jacket that you can wear like a cardigan◎"
    • "スウェットパンツにニットジャケットの組み合わせがまさにデイリースタイリングの基本"
      "The combination of sweat pants and a knit jacket is exactly the basis of daily styling."
    • "スウェットアウターとの相性も◎ 着心地&暖かさのWレイヤード"
      "Also compatible with sweatshirts◎ W layered for comfort and warmth"
    • "スニーカーにだって合う!サッと羽織れるカーディガンとキレイなシルエットのジャケット良いとこ取り!"
      "It goes well with sneakers! A cardigan that can be worn quickly and a jacket with a beautiful silhouette."
    • "ふわふわフーディーをINしてもキレイなシルエットをキープ! スタイリングの幅広いニットジャケット!"
      "Keep a beautiful silhouette even if you insert a fluffy hoodie! A wide range of styling knit jackets!"

真っ白じゃないOFF WHITEのトーンだからこそ、ニットの表情が楽しめるのがBIRCH。
BIRCH is a place where you can enjoy the look of knit because it is a tone of OFF WHITE that is not pure white.
Since it is already left only XS, this time I wore XS for shooting!
    • "スウェットパンツと白ニット。デイリーに、そしてリアルに楽しめる組み合わせ"
      "Sweat pants and white knit. A combination that can be enjoyed daily and realistically"
    • "ウォッシュデニムを惹き立ててくれるニットカーディガン。上からコートでしっかりまとめて◎"
      "A knit cardigan that complements wash denim. Firmly put together with a coat from above◎"
    • "オールブラックに白ONで、スタイリッシュな中にもヌケ感をプラス!ニット素材だからこそ生まれるヌケ感"
      "It's all black and white, and it's stylish, but it also has a feeling of lacking! A feeling of lack that is created because of the knit material"
    • "ゆったりパンツにもバランスの良いジャケットシルエットでこの丈感は他にはナイ!"
      "With a well-balanced jacket silhouette for loose pants, there is no other sense of length in jackets!"
    • "白とも黒とも相性の良いカーキだからこそまとまるレイヤードスタイリング!"
      "Layered styling that is well organized because it is a khaki that goes well with both white and black!"
    • "ゆったりロングトップスの上からON!ジャケットのシルエットを活かしたスタイリングに!"
      "Loosely turn on from the top of long tops! For styling that takes advantage of the silhouette of the jacket!"