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Primo's sleeveless dress that was released this year as well.
It has been 5 years since its release, and it has been used by many people so far, and most people have it in different colors.
So, for those who haven't got this item yet, we will introduce its goodness with styling again this year!






✔100% cotton that does not see through or lose its shape

✔A balance of silhouette and asymmetry that makes even one piece look good!

✔As an inner dress that you can wear like a tank top!

✔Turn it upside down and enjoy 2WAY! The atmosphere changes at once with the empty chest!

✔Not only in summer! You can enjoy all seasons from the main to supporting actress!

" ノースリーブだからこそ、秋冬のインナーに最適!
インナーワンピとしての実力を発揮する秋冬スタイリング! "
"Because it is sleeveless, it is ideal for innerwear in the fall and winter!
Autumn/winter styling that demonstrates its abilities as an inner dress!"