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今回は、Deep Beigeをベースに製品染めによって絶妙な色味で人気のFANGOにフォーカスし、アイテムのベスト4ポイントと合わせて、4つの異なる雰囲気のスタイリングをご紹介!

"Stretch works well, and it feels smooth and dry even if you sweat a lot."
As an indispensable material for summer in the last few years, Primo's "TA" material is now the most popular summer material.
In the TA material series, a model of that popular cardigan jacket has arrived this year!
This time, we will focus on FANGO, which is popular for its exquisite color by dyeing products based on Deep Beige, and introduce 4different atmosphere styling together with the best 4points of the item!

A popular cardigan jacket for both men and women.
The cardigan jacket is made of the most popular summer TA material, so it's the best item!

Primordial is Primitive

" 1. Put oversized inner 万能羽織りとしてゆったりオーバーサイズのトップスの上からでも◎ "

" 2. Machine Washable 汗やデオドラントのシミの心配なし!自宅で気軽にお洗濯! "

" 3. Easy to Bring くるくるっと丸めてカバンIN!持ち運びもかさばらない! "

" 4. Stress-free Stretch スッキリアームのシルエットでも問題なしのストレッチ! "

" 1. Put oversized inner ~As a versatile haori, even wear on a loose oversized top◎~"
From the top of oversized tops, may it be tight? But surprisingly, you can wear it comfortably even on the oversized tops!
Of course, you should open the front zip with wearing it!

" 2. Machine Washable ~No worries about sweat or deodorant stains! Washable at home!~"
Are you worried about get sweat stains around your neck, and especially for women, when worn over a sleeveless shirt, deodorant may adhere to them and cause stains or discoloration similar to sweat?
Rest assured that you can wash it just like tops!

" 3. Easy to Bring ~Roll it up and put it in your bag! Not bulky to carry!~"
A haori that is indispensable for indoor air conditioning measures in summer. However, don't use bulky and heavy one to carry on the go!
You don't have to worry about that in this cardigan jacket at all!
It's light and not bulky, but it feels good to wear! This is important!

" 4. Stress-free Stretch ~Stretching without problems even with a clean arm silhouette!~"
Stretch material that you can wear like tees.
The stretch is even more effective than when using suede-like "HA" material, so the ease of movement is truly stress-free!

    • " デニムとTシャツのデイリースタイリング。ノンカラージャケット感覚でサッと羽織ってカジュアルスタイリッシュに! "
      "Daily styling of denim and T-shirts. Wear it like a non-collar jacket for a casual and stylish look!"
    • " ロングスカートでもパーフェクトな丈感のカーディガンJKなら身長関係なくバランス良く見える! "
      "Even with a long skirt, the perfect length cardigan JK looks well-balanced regardless of height!"
    • " 白の中で映える黒のプリントと小物効果でボヤっとせずに馴染むのが、このFANGOが普通のBEIGEとは違うところ! "
      "The black print and accessories shines in white, and make it familiar without being blurred, which is what makes this FANGO different from BEIGE!"
    • " 上下ゆったりとしたスタイリングにONすることで、メリハリシルエットとメリハリカラーバランス効果でCOOLな印象に! "
      "By turning on the loose silhouette styling, you can get a cool impression with a sharp silhouette and color balance effect!"