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WHITE balance-specific styling content that first appeared last summer.
I want to see this year's version even before summer is in full swing! There are many requests, and this time it appears before the white items run out!
Those who have been reluctant to white and who don't know how to style white items have become addicted to white item styling because of last year's content!
It is also a popular point that you can get a new impression at once by adding one white item to your usual items!
This time, we will focus on 4 WHITE items and introduce the WHITE balance used as a whole in% percent in an easy-to-understand manner!
Even with the same item, you can mix and match as well as make an impression just by adding and subtracting white!

    • 白パンツに抵抗がある方でも、黒プリントがちょっと入っているだけで、白浮きしない!っと初心者さんでも履いたら納得のパンツは、デザインだけじゃなく履き心地もサラッと快適!
      Even if you don't like white pants, just a little black print will not make it appear white! Even beginners will be satisfied with the pants, which are not only designed but also comfortable to wear!
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    • " 5:5のバランスなら安定・絶対のバランスでスタイリッシュに! "
      "With a 50/50 balance, it's stable and absolutely balanced and stylish!"
    • " インナーのタンク黒がチラッと見えるだけで、白80%もシマる! "
      "Just by glancing at the black inner tank, even 80% of the white is cool!

    • シャツのようで着心地はカットソー。 異素材の切り替えしで、歩く度に動きのあるロングカーディガンに。 表情あるリネン素材なら白でも馴染みやすく◎
      It looks like a shirt and is comfortable to wear. By switching between different materials, you can make a long cardigan that moves every time you walk. Expressive linen material is easy to get used to even in white ◎
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    • " サッと羽織れば、思いっきりの脚出しから、さりげなくの脚出しに! "
      "You can change taste around your legs from a full-blown one to a casual one!"
    • " 黒のスパイスを効かせて、白を活かすスタイリングに! "
      "Use Black spices for styling that makes the most of White!"

    • イチマイでもインナータンクと合わせてレイヤードにも◎ シンプルなシルエットで合わせやすさは自信アリ!
      It can be layered together with the inner tank or wear just only itself◎ The simple silhouette makes it easy to match!
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    • " タンク自体をインナータンクとしても活用でき、チラッと見せて◎ "
      "It can also be used as an inner tank, giving a glimpse of it◎"
    • " スカートのシルエットを惹き立たせ、シンプルでかつパーフェクトスタイリング! "
      "Simple and perfect styling that accentuates the silhouette of the skirt!"

    • プリントを楽しむというよりプリントのスパイス黒を楽しむ! 新しい感覚のプリントTシャツは、色違いで欲しくなること間違いナシ!
      Enjoy the spice black of the print rather than the print! There is no doubt that you will want a new type of printed T-shirt in different colors!
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    • " バルーンスカートにはスッキリTシャツでバランス良く! ロングシャツを羽織っても重くならずに◎ "
      "A neat T-shirt on the balloon skirt for a good balance! Even if you put on a long shirt, it will not be heavy◎"
    • " 真っ白Tシャツより黒プリントのスパイスがある方が、デニムスタイリングもスタイリッシュに! "
      "Denim styling is more stylish with black print spices than with pure white T-shirts!"