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Printed tops proposed by QUADRATO.
Last year's print was at the front center. This year's print on the side.
It is not a print that focuses on the motif of the T-shirt alone, but a print that not only serves as a styling accent, but also has the role of summarizing the overall color balance.
Most of the people who have already realized the goodness of printed T-shirts from last year's printed T-shirts have already got the new work of this season.
Introducing styling that makes use of printed T-shirts for those who are not comfortable with printed T-shirts and have not got them!
Buy it now and use it now and as an inner for autumn/winter styling!
To make this image easier to understand, we will also introduce the autumn/winter version of the styling.

  • BLACK×WHITE Printed
  • WHITE×BLACK Printed

    • " オールブラックにアクセントとしてさりげなく映えるプリントが◎ "
      "The print that shines casually as an accent in all black◎"
    • " グレーパンツとプリントのカラーがベストマッチ! "
      "The best conbination of grey pants and print color!"
    • " フェミニンなスカートとメンズライクなTシャツのベストコンビ! "
      "The best combination of a feminine skirt and a men's-like T-shirt!"
    • " ショートトップスからチラッと見えるプリントインナーがスパイスに! "
      "The print inner that you can glimpse from the short tops is a spice!"

    • " シンプルスタイリングには、袖をカットしたフレンチスリーブのエッジを効かせる! "
      "For simple styling, use the essence of French sleeves with cut-out sleeves!"
    • " カラースウェットパンツとの相性も◎ 見た目も軽く涼しげに! "
      "It goes well with color sweatpants◎ It looks light and cool!"
    • " ゆったりスカートとスッキリTシャツでもプリントを活かしてまとめる! "
      "Use the print tee to put together a loose skirt and a neat T-shirt!"
    • " オールBLACKからチラッと見え、名脇役となるプリントTシャツ! "
      "A printed T-shirt that looks like a glimpse from all BLACK and plays a supporting role!"