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そして、BLACK WashとBLUE Washどちらも、スタイリングが楽しめるというのも合わせてご紹介!
A denim jacket that sold nearly 50pieces in one night!
Before I introduced the points and styling that I am particular about in the contents, I am very surprised at how many people have gotten their hands on it!
Thank you very much to all of you!
Therefore, this time, we will tell you the special points of this denim jacket that we could not tell you at the time of its release!
We also introduce that you can enjoy styling both BLACK Wash and BLUE Wash!
We are still in the midst of the heat, so we showed you that you can use summer styling in autumn by putting on the denim jacket☆

  • " 黒とカーキのテッパンコンビをベースに、Blueデニムでメリハリあるスタイリングに! "
    " Based on the combination of black and khaki, blue denim for a sharp styling! "

  • " 夏の快適ハーフパンツも、秋にフル活用!白グラデスウェットも活きてくるBLACKデニム! "
    "Full use of summer comfortable shorts in autumn! BLACK denim that comes alive with white grade sweat!"

  • " 夏の黒スタイリングに映えるレイヤードトップスをそのまま活かして、BlueをOn! "
    "Make the best layered tops that shine in the summer black styling, and turn on Blue denim for autumn!"

  • " スタイリッシュでエッジの効いたブラックとカフェラテの組合せにBLACKデニムをプラスするだけでクールにカジュアルダウン! "
    " Just add BLACK denim to the combination of stylish and edgy black and caffe latte for a cool and casual look! "

  • " 使える2WAYパンツワンピも、Blueデニムとの合わせでまた、新しい雰囲気で楽しめる! "
    "The useful 2-way pants dress can be enjoyed in a new atmosphere by combining it with Blue denim!"

  • " 黒×カーキでエッジを効かせたワンピスタイリングには、BLACKデニムでカジュアルな中にもエッジをキープ! "
    "With an edgy styling by black and khaki, you can keep the edgy even in a casual style with BLACK denim!"

  • " 夏のオールブラックに、サシTAUPEでクールスタイリングからのBlueデニムでデイリーアクティブに! "
    "All black in summer, blue denim from cool styling with TAUPE for daily activity!"

  • " 夏のベストカラーコンビスタイリングに、BLACKデニムをONしてCOOLにまとめる! "
    " Turn on BLACK denim for the best color combination styling in summer and put it together in style! "