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Yamada is a shirt freak who loves shirts and would like any number of shirts, and I shy away from them because they don't suit me.
When it comes to shirts, we are the complete opposite, but this season's Ales's padded long shirt has been praised as "the best shirt!"
Therefore, this time, regardless of shirt lovers and haters, we will focus on the goodness of this puffed long shirt at the time of its release, and introduce the styling. !


A shirt that you can enjoy with a new sensation that is irresistible for shirt lovers, and a long-awaited shirt for those who are not good at shirts!
everyone! An absolute must-buy! Ichimai is available in 2 sizes!
Size S is usually from XS to M, and size L is from M to XL.
Size S for a clean silhouette.
If you want to wear it loosely like a light outerwear, we recommend size L!

1. " ゆったりとした肩と腕周り "
1. "Comfortable shoulder and arm circumference"
You can also wear tops with loose dolman sleeves or tops made of sweatshirt material.
2. " マットな表情でスタリングも合わせやすい生地感 "
2. "The fabric has a mat look and is easy to match with styling"
The mat expression with a calm atmosphere is easy to match with items of any material.
3. " キレイな襟のカタチ "
3. "Beautiful collar shape"
Whether you wear it with the collar up or lying down, you can find the one that suits you beautifully!
4. " スウェットよりも軽いロングシャツ "
4. "A Long shirt lighter than a sweatshirt"
Uses a thin sheet typed pad that is not stiff even if it is filled.
The mochimochi sweatshirt weighs about 800g, while the padded long shirt weighs 720g!
5. " IN&OUT どちらでもスタイリング "
5. "Both IN&OUT styling"
Not only can it be worn as a shirt, but it can also be worn alone as a light outerwear, or worn inside a coat.

  • " いつものジョギパンとデニムジャケットの上からONしてお出かけモードにも! " "Turn it on over your usual jogi pants and denim jacket for an outing mode!"

  • " シンプルにまとめたデイリースタイリング。ニットジョギパンとの相性も◎ " "Simple daily styling. Compatibility with knit jogging pants◎"

  • " カラーフーディーを出してアクセントに!アクティブスタイリングにも! " "Bring out the color hoodie as an accent! For active styling!"

  • " ライトアウターの感覚でサシ色コートの上からON!軽くてゆったりだから着心地も◎ " "Wear it over a color coat like a light outerwear! Comfortable to wear because it is light and loose ◎"

  • " 秋スタイリングにONするだけで簡単に冬仕様スタイリングに!見た目も暖かさも◎ " "Just turn it on for autumn styling for easy winter styling! Good looks and warmth"

  • " スウェットフーディーとの相性抜群!初心者さんでも簡単に着こなせるテッパン組み合わせ! " "Excellent compatibility with sweat hoodie! A timeless combination that even beginners can easily wear!"

  • " ニットの上からでもゴワツキなし!ストールを巻いて見た目も暖かさも完全にアウター! " "No stiffness even over a knit! Wrapped in a stole for a perfect outer look and warmth!"

  • " ジャケットの上から余裕のON! マットブラックの質感がジャケットの色味をより惹き立たせてくれる! " "You can wear it comfortably over a jacket! The mat black texture makes the color of the jacket more attractive!"