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In order to make the WebStore even more enjoyable, this time we will add a new item search method instead of content!
This is what we've always wanted to do!
It is common to search for the item you want by brand search or item category.
However, even if you only look at the items, you may not be impressed.
Therefore, you can search items by styling to find the items you are wearing with your favorite styling or the styling of the atmosphere that you are interested in!
First of all, we divided them into 4 styling categories that we often talk about!

In the future, we will add styling from time to time whenever we shoot new styling!
In addition to the four base styling categories, we will also add special styling for each season, event, and color!

  • 「甘くない、媚びない、カッコイイ女性」をテーマにしたスタリングこそCool Feminine。
    Cool Feminine is the styling with the theme of "a cool woman who is not sweet, not flirtatious".
    The most important condition is that the styling makes you feel strength and power!
  • 「着心地はもちろん、アクティブな動きやすさと自宅でお洗濯丸洗いができる!」
    "Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it's also easy to move around in and you can wash it at home!"
    Styling based on the condition DailyCasual
  • 一言で、「カッコイイ!」「オシャレ!」と目を惹くスタイリングがまさにEdgy Style.
    Cool, fashionable and eye-catching styling is exactly Edgy Style. That said, the condition of Quadrato styling items is that they can be used everyday!
  • 「カジュアルだけど、どこか小洒落感漂う雰囲気」で、ちょっとしたお出かけなどにも合うのがまさにStylish Casual! "It's casual, but it has a stylish atmosphere", so it's perfect for casual outings!
    That's Stylish Casual!

    • " 1st step "
      ✔Tap the three-line icon menu bar on the top left to open it.
      ✔Tap the + mark of "STYRINGS" in the menu bar!
      ❈モバイル版の画面 ❈mobile version screen

    • " 2nd step "
      ✔ Tap the + mark to display the styling category
      ✔ Access the styling page!
      ❈モバイル版の画面 ❈mobile version screen