春のトップスが揃った時点で絶対にやりたかった今週のコンテンツは、もちもちスウェットパンツのCAFÉ LATTÉカラーにフォーカス!
CAFÉ LATTÉカラーも気になるけど、合わせやすさを考えるとつい無難な黒に手を出してしまう方々に是非、手にして欲しいのがこのCAFÉ LATTÉカラー。
この春、無難な黒パンツに手を出すよりCAFÉ LATTÉパンツ一本あるだけで、今お持ちのトップスのまま、気分もスタイリングも新鮮にしてみては?
This week's content, which I absolutely wanted to do when the spring tops were ready, focused on the CAFÉ LATTÉ color sweatpants!
Many people already own the Mochi Mochi Sweat Series, and many people already know about the quality of the fabric.
If you are interested in the CAFÉ LATTÉ color, but think about how easy it is to match with black, then this CAFÉ LATTÉ color is the one for you.
So, this time around, when spring tops are all available, we will thoroughly introduce you to how easy it is to match with any top, from sneakers to heels!
This spring, rather than picking up safe black pants, why not just have a pair of CAFÉ LATTÉ pants and keep the tops you have now to freshen up your mood and style?

  • 強撚綿トップスのゆったりシルエットとゆったりサルエルのバランスでも色のメリハリ効果でスッキリに!
    Even with the balance between the loose silhouette of the strong twisted cotton top and the loose sarouel pants, the contrast effect of the colors makes it refreshing!
  • 黒だけじゃない!白ベーストップスとの相性も◎
    Not just only with black! Also goes well with white base tops.
    Put together in COOL with black items of shoes and bags!

  • シンプルトップスにケープジャケットで上部にボリュームを出したらヒールブーツでスッキリ足元に!
    Wear a simple top and a cape jacket to add volume to the top and wear heel boots for a refreshing look!
    Even for those who are not good at strong and beautiful eyes, it has a rough balance.
  • オールCAFÉ LATTEスタリングもインナーの黒がチラッと見えるだけでバランス良くなり◎
    寒い時には黒の羽織りをプラスして、さらにCAFÉ LATTEの良さを惹きだす!
    All CAFÉ LATTE styling is well balanced with just a glimpse of the black inner layer.
    When it's cold, add a black haori to bring out the best of CAFÉ LATTE!

  • シンプルにロンTフーディーとの合わせも、CAFÉ LATTEカラーのパンツだからキマルのは一目瞭然!
    Even if you simply pair it with a long T hoodie, it's a CAFÉ LATTE colored pair of pants, so you can see it at a glance!
  • ゆったりアシメトップスの白との相性も◎
    Compatibility with white loose asymmetrical tops is also good.
    If you tie your neck tightly with a black stole, you won't get a dull impression!
    No problem if you shift from stole to necklace when it gets warmer!

    • ロングの羽織りからチラッと見えるCAFÉ LATTEカラーのバランスが◎
      シンプルなロング羽織りの時こそ、CAFÉ LATTEカラーを!
      The balance of the CAFÉ LATTE color that can be glimpsed from the long haori is ◎
      Choose the CAFÉ LATTE color when wearing a simple long haori!
    • エコレザーのブルゾンの生地感ともマッチ!
      It also matches the texture of the eco-leather blouson!
      Daily styling that is well-balanced even in casual sweat styling!

    • オーバーサイズの半袖トップスとあわせても重い印象にならないのは、CAFÉ LATTEカラーのチカラ!
      The power of the CAFÉ LATTE color makes it not look heavy even when paired with an oversized short-sleeved top!
    • スッキリシルエットのTシャツとサルエルのメリハリが◎
      T-shirt with a clean silhouette and contrasting sarouel ◎
      Even if you use leather accessories, you won't get a heavy impression thanks to this sharpness!