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毎シーズン人気のRUNDHOLZ強撚綿(きょうねんめん)トップス。 今季は、コレクションの中にはなかったデザインで強撚綿のロングスリーブがQUADRATO限定として登場! 綿100%でも、通常の綿100%とは全く違った生地感なのが、この強撚綿。 さらにこの強撚綿を製品染め洗いをかけ、BLACKでも風合いある黒へとするのがRUNDHOLZ。 そこで、今回この強撚綿を使用した限定トップスをスタイリングと共にフォーカス!


RUNDHOLZ strong twist cotton tops that are popular every season. This season, a long sleeve of strong twist cotton with a design that was not in the collection will be released exclusively for QUADRATO! Even with 100% cotton, this strong twisted cotton has a completely different texture from normal 100% cotton. Furthermore, RUNDHOLZ is made by dyeing and washing this strong twisted cotton to make it black with a texture even in BLACK. Therefore, this time we will focus on limited tops using this strong twisted cotton with styling!

First of all, as a feature of the strong twisted cotton,
✔ Thread with more "twist" than usual
✔ The more twisted, the stronger it becomes
✔ Creates a supple and beautiful silhouette
✔ Durable and less likely to fluff
✔ Excellent breathability, easy to absorb and dry moisture such as sweat
✔ Smooth to the touch

For those who already know the goodness of RUNDHOLZ's strong twisted cotton, as well as those who have not yet obtained a long sleeve of strong twisted cotton, I would like you to experience the goodness with this limited model release!


1. Clean neck
開きすぎず、詰まり過ぎずのこの首元のラインには、左右にカットデザインをさりげなくON! 普通のコットンでは野暮ったくなるこのネックラインも、強撚綿の生地感だからこそ自然に。
1. Clean neck
The cut design on the left and right around neck is casually turned on for this neckline that does not open too much and is not too clogged! This neckline, which makes you feel uncomfortable with ordinary cotton, is natural because of the texture of strong twisted cotton.
2. Back elastic hem
バックボトムに細くゴムをいれたことで、サイドからのラインのオチ感とやりすぎないバルーンのシルエットが生まれ◎ また、目が細かくゴムのギャザーを入れたことで◎
2. Back elastic hem
By putting thin elastic in the back hem, the silhouette of the balloon that does not overdo it. Also, by adding detailed rubber gathers.
3. Anything you can put ON!
3. Anything you can put ON!
Despite the loose dolman sleeves, it doesn't feel stiff even when worn as an inner, so it's easy to combine styling!
4. Strong Twist Cotton
4. Strong Twist Cotton
Strong twist cotton full of good things. Even though the fabric is thin, the underwear does not show through even if you wear it as a single piece because your eyes are tightly closed!
5. Wide body but Slim silhouette
5. Wide body but Slim silhouette
Because it is a strong twist cotton, the silhouette with a refreshing impression while having a loose width. You can feel a beautiful silhouette!