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以前アップしたコンテンツをまたリアルタイムチェックしながらWebStoreでのお買い物を楽しんだり、これからのスタイリングのヒントにされる方が特に多いということから、今人気の2つのコンテンツに再度フォーカス! プラス、コンテンツアップ時には入荷していなかったアイテムでそれぞれのコンテンツにマッチするアイテムもピック! 是非、このタイミングで改めてコンテンツをチェックしながら自分の欲しいものリストを作ってみては? There are many people who enjoy shopping at the Web Store while checking the previously uploaded content again in real time, and are especially often used as hints for future styling, so we will refocus on the two popular contents now! In addition, pick items that match each content that were not in stock when the content was uploaded! Why don't you make your own wish list while checking the contents again at this timing?

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      You can enjoy outer items that can be used not only this season but also in the fall and winter, and styling that changes the atmosphere at once depending on the balance of your feet!
    • 細すぎない安定感のあるヒールブーツに足元をチェンジするだけで一気にエッジの効いたスタイリングに!
      Just change your feet to stable heel boots that are not too thin for edgy styling!

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      By adding one color item to the usual black and white items, the range of styling will expand, so content that picks up khaki and gray that absolutely matches black and white!
    • ベージュをベースとしたトーンに黒をのせた絶妙な色味が人気のFANGOをプラス! 黒とのバランスが良く、黒好きさんの春夏にはマストカラー!
      FANGO, which is popular for its exquisite color with black on beige-based tones! It has a good balance with black and is a must-have color for black color lovers in the spring and summer!