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ようやく暖かい日が続き、新しく手にした春夏の洋服を着る機会が増えてきた今、これからの足元の靴を迷う方々が毎年多いのがこの時期。 つま先や足の甲を出したくない方も多く、サンダルはちょっと・・・・という方も実際多いことも。
そこで、今回は自信をもっておススメできる3つのブーツをそれぞれの使い分けし、夏のスタイリングと合わせてご紹介! 夏にブーツがNGという古い固定概念より、ブーツで夏も楽しむというスタイリングに!
Now that the warm days have finally continued and the opportunities to wear new spring and summer clothes have increased, it is this time of year that many people are wondering what shoes to wear in the future. There are many people who do not want to put out their toes and insteps, and there are actually many people who say that sandals are a little ...
I have no problem with boots now, can I wear them in the summer? The answer is "Immediate answer YES!"
Therefore, this time we will introduce three boots that you can recommend with confidence, using each one properly, along with summer styling! From the old stereotype that boots are NG in summer, for styling that you can enjoy summer with boots!
Three pairs that look similar and have completely different sensations. By all means, the 3 best BUY boots that you want to have now in all sizes!

    • Portaille

    • "ボリューム感ある洋服には、スッキリ編み上げブーツで全身バランスよく"
      "For voluminous clothes, the whole body is well-balanced with refreshing lace-up boots"