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発売開始から、お問合せの多いBAGがこのPALOFFNERの2WAYショルダーバック。 実際どのこのくらい荷物が入るのか、デイリーとしてはもちろん、ちょっとしたお出かけのスタイリングでも合わせられるか・・・・などから、今回は分かりやすくご紹介! スタイリングに合わせてそれぞれのバッグのカタチを変えて楽しめるマルチなBAG! すでにお持ちの方からは、メインとして使っているバッグとは別にこのショルダーがあると便利!というリアルボイスも! 是非、お洋服がシンプルになるこれからの時期にはBAGを実用性&アクセントとして楽しんでみては? BAG, which has received many inquiries since its release, is this PALOFFNER 2WAY shoulder bag. Introducing this time in an easy-to-understand manner, as to how much luggage can actually fit in, not only for daily use, but also for a little outing styling. A multi-purpose BAG that you can enjoy by changing the shape of each bag according to your styling! For those who already have it, it is convenient to have this shoulder in addition to the main bag! Real voice! Why don't you enjoy BAG as a practicality and accent in the coming time when clothes will be simple?

  • Styling for Casual Stylish

    "両サイドのベルトとスナップボタンで、簡単にノートPCも入る大きさのショルダーに!" "With belts and snap buttons on both sides, it's a shoulder size that can easily fit a notebook PC!"

  • Styling for Daily Stylish & Cool Feminine

    "折り返してコンパクトショルダーにしてもi-Padもしっかり入るサイズ感が◎" "Even if it is folded back and has a compact shoulder, the i-Pad fits well in the size."

"BLACK that puts together color styling"

"WHITE becomes an accent of BLACK styling"