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ジメジメとした梅雨が来る前に、30℃越えの暑さが続いている6月。 そこで、7月のコンテンツとしてフォーカスする予定だったこのべストセラーのパンツを、今回ストックがあるうちに緊急フォーカス! このプリモのパンツ722TA、すでに毎年新しい色を買い足している方がほとんどというくらい、一度手にしたら間違いなくその良さを納得・実感して頂けるのがこのパンツ。

When the heat of over 30 degrees Celsius continues before the rainy season comes in June. Therefore, this best-selling pants, which was planned to be focused on as content in July, will be urgently focused while stock is available this time! Most people have already bought new colors for this Pants 722TA every year, so once you get it, you will definitely be convinced and realize its goodness.
The reason is ...
✔ Stretch for a smooth texture!
✔ Washable! It dries quickly and is dried at night and worn again in the morning!
✔ If you fold it back with waist, it's versatile regardless of body shape and balance!
✔ Wide styling range that can be used for multiple purposes, whether IN or OUT!
✔ Exquisite length without problems even for those who are resistant to shorts!
✔ No size failure! There is no problem with everyone!
✔ It goes well with any shoes◎ The atmosphere changes depending on your feet!

We have already introduced a lot of styling using these pants on the WEB and Instagram, so this time there are colors that are lacking of sizes, so we forcused "comparative wear by size" and "all shoes are well-balanced!

✔ サイズ失敗がない!細身さんからワガママボディさんまで問題なし! ✔ No size failure! There is no problem with everyone!
実寸着丈は各サイズ1cmずつしか変わらないのがこのパンツ。 ウェストのサイズ感が変わるのが特徴。
These pants have an actual length that only changes by 1 cm for each size. The feature is that the size of the waist changes. Even with XS, the hip area is spacious, so if you want to look refreshed, size XS is recommended!
✔ どんな靴とも相性ヨシ◎足元次第で、雰囲気が変わる! ✔ It goes well with any shoes◎ The atmosphere changes depending on your feet!
スニーカーからサンダル、ブーツまでどの靴でもバランス良く合うのがこのパンツ! また、パンツの前後アシメを活かして、前後逆に履くことでちょうど膝下の位置で、スッキリとした印象にも!
These pants are a good balance for any shoes, from sneakers to sandals and boots! Also, by taking advantage of the asymmetry silhouette of the pants and wearing them back and forth, you can get a refreshing impression just below the knees!