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We start the week with a refreshing striped dress ❶ which you can wear as a top. Just tuck the front hem of dress in the waistband of the pants ❼, so by this you get a beautifull drapery in the front and lose silhouette at the backside. Wedges ⓬ will lengthen the overall silhouette. And yes, the spacious backpack ❾ for your urban adventures ❶ のワンピースの裾を軽くボトムにIN★すれば、トップスとしてアレンジ。 ❼ボトムのウェストもゴムなのでアレンジしやすく、アンク丈にするときには後ろのストラップで調節すると◎ ❾のバックパックと⓬シューズのブラックでコーディネートを締めて。

Today's image is built on asymmetry. The two main items are asymmetrical and complement each other perfectly by creating a good balance. Inner Top ❸ is like closing those parts of body that are open because of the cuts of the main top ❹ . Leggings in combination with high wedges⓬ make legs thinner and the overall silhouette is incredibly beautiful. Chain bag ❿ helps to finish the glamour but edgy mood. ❹のオフショルダースウェットのインナーに❸のタンクを合わせて 肩と裾からチラリと見せてワンピースとしてコーディネート。 不安定な気温の変化と露出を控えたい時には、レギンスを合わせると◎ ❿のバックと⓬のヒールでフェミニン度を上げて。

Button only 2 first buttons of asymmetrical long shirt ❺ and leave the rest open and let see what is worn under it. Asymmetrical Inner tank top ❸ in combination with pants ❻ look... just normal. But together with the shirt they create an interesting casual layered styling. Moreover, the extra layer of clothing will not interfere during the temperature difference as it is now. Cool sandal wedges ⓬ and accessories will help to keep casual and edgy mood together at the same time. ❺のロングシャツの適度な透け感は、インナーの❸ホワイトと❻のパンツのグレーを際立たせてくれる。 この時期のブラックコーディネートを爽やかに仕上げるには、❽のストローハットと⓬のサンダルで季節感を。

Sophisticated and cool casual look of total black, we missed it too! The total look consist of sleveless dress ❷ and asymmetry shirt ❺ as well. If you unbutton from the bottom to the chest, the movement of the shirt will come out well and show of the form of skirt. Styling that has a difference in the atmosphere depending on how to balance. By matching the whole look with shoes ⓬ and chain bag❿ , it will bring another edge to the style. ❺のフロントボタンを上だけ閉めて スソのボリューム感を❷のワンピースでふんわりさせてスタイリング。 ❺は、バックサイドにチェーンをしまってクラッチにアレンジし、オトナ女子感を出して。

Gradually approaching to the end of the week, we can forget about high wedges and put on comfortable shoes ⓫ on a flat sole! You might not notice but instead of only one dress ❷ , we suggest to combine it with pants ❼ to give even more layering at hemline. ❷のワンピースのバルーンシルエットを活かしてシンプルにスタイリング。 ❿のバックを斜めに掛けし、コットンを編み込んだ⓫フラットシューズで優しげな雰囲気を作って。

This white oversized dress ❶ with a thin stripe pattern is well balanced with inner asymmetric tank top ❸. It creates a beautiful layered hemline. Accessories of black color gives a nice balance for those who are not used to wear white. ❶のストライプワンピースのインナーに❸をIN★ ⓫のシューズを合わせてオールホワイトコーディネートにすれば涼しげな装いで週末がスタート!

Refreshing casual styling consisting of three colors. We again combine the asymmetrical Inner tank ❸ with the top ❹ of the asymmetrical cut, but this time there is another impression. Straight pants ❻ fit perfectly into the overall picture and do not interfere with the balance at all (it creates the new one). Well, white shoes⓫ refresh and ease the total silhouette. ❹を前後ろ逆に着るとステッチがフロントにきて、ポイントになる。 ❸の万能タンクは、❹とともにたくし上げ、❻の裾をロールアップしてアンク丈にアレンジ。 このスタイリングは、UNISEXで使える!