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あっという間に、8月も終わり9月に入る今週。 まだまだ、暑さは続くことから今週は新作のアップはお休みして、 リアルに今すぐ着れて、秋にもそのまま着れるアイテムにフォーカス!
今回フォーカスしたこの3つのアイテム、発売時にもお伝えしていた、 「秋も着れるオールシーズンアイテム」という言葉の通り、今すぐのスタイリングから秋へとスイッチしたスタイリングは、同じアイテムでもまた違った雰囲気で、さらにCOOLさが引き立つ印象に!

This week, August ends and September begins. As the heat continues, we will not be uploading new arrival items this week. Focus on items that you can wear right now and in the autumn!
These three items that we focused on this time were also mentioned at the time of release, As the word "all-season items that can be worn in autumn" suggests, the styling that has been switched from immediate styling to autumn has a different atmosphere even with the same item, giving the COOL impression!

By introducing all-season items over two seasons in a realistic manner, we can recommend them with confidence to those who already have them and those who will get them in the future!

    • Andrea Ya'aqov

      " ロングセラーのパンツは、毎年色違いを買い足している方が多いのが、間違いのない証拠! "
      今年の発売時にも、即完売から追加生産したほど、人気のこのパンツ。 すでに、色違いで持っている方も多い中、カーキはカジュアルにもスタイリッシュにも使えると人気に!
      "There is no doubt that many long-selling pants are bought in different colors every year!"
      These pants are so popular that they were sold out immediately and additionally produced at the time of this year's release. Many people already have different colors, but khaki is popular because it can be used casually or stylishly!
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    • "スッキリタイトなトップスと、ゆったりパンツで、エッジにまとめる!"
      "With a neat tight top and loose pants, you can put it together on the edge!"
    • "秋のカジュアルスタイリッシュはオーバーサイズの羽織りと合わせて!"
      "Autumn casual stylish with oversized haori!"

    • Andrea Ya'aqov

      " カワイイより、カッコイイのワンピースは、スタイリングアレンジが無限大! "
      こちらもロングセラーとなっているワンピース。 やはりその理由は、印象付きやすいワンピもアレンジ次第でまた違う雰囲気を楽しめると言うこと! BLACKとKHAKI、どちらもまた違った魅力があるワンピースです☆
      " Dress that is cooler than cute has an infinite of styling arrangements! "
      This is also a long-selling dress. After all, the reason is that you can enjoy a different atmosphere depending on the arrangement of dresses that are easy to impress! BLACK and KHAKI are both dresses with different charms☆
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    • "ワンピをロングスカートにアレンジで、落ち感の違いを楽しむ!"
      "Arrange the dress into a long skirt and enjoy the difference in the shape!"
    • "ゆったりロングスリーブをONして、即秋スタイリングに。"
      "Turn on the loose long sleeves for immediate autumn styling."

    • bajra

      " 1st白パンツとして、Easy&Comfortableでトライしやすいのがこのbajraパンツ! "
      しっかりとした生地感のコットンパンツは、カチっとし過ぎない風合いある印象のシルエットで◎ 春夏はスッキリと、秋冬はパキッとクールな印象のスタイリングに!
      " As 1st White pants, these bajra pants are easy to try with Easy&Comfortable! "
      The solid cotton pants have a silhouette that does not neat too much. For a refreshing styling in the spring and summer, and a crisp and cool impression in the fall and winter!
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    • "スッキリタイトシルエットと合わせて、エッジ感を楽しむ白パンツ"
      "White pants to enjoy the edgy feeling with a refreshing tight silhouette"
    • "しっかりロールアップでスッキリシルエットにしたら、ゆったりトップスでもバランス◎"
      "If you roll it up and make it a neat silhouette, you can balance it even with loose tops◎"