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So far, we have mainly selected cotton materials used in ordinary cut-and-sewn and T-shirts for tops, and 100% strong twisted cotton materials that many people have been addicted to in the last few years.
This season, pay attention to the cotton knit that has a different look even with the same 100% cotton!
Therefore, this time we will focus on tops that can be enjoyed in a wide range of unisex styles. There is no mistake even if you have it in different colors! As you can tell, both colors are easy to style and versatile!

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    " ワタシ達が、コットンニットにハマった10のワケ☆ "

    ✔ 肌触りの良さとしなやかさ
    ✔ 通気性が良く、通常のコットンよりもサラッとした着心地
    ✔ ニット編みでも引っかけにくい!
    ✔ ベーシックなカタチでもオチ感がキレイ
    ✔ カットソー素材にはないスタイリッシュさ
    ✔ ワンショルダーやウェストゴムに挟んでも全くゴワつかない!
    ✔ ニットといっても自宅で洗える
    ✔ 着膨れしない
    ✔ ゆったりしている割に、上から羽織りも羽織りやすい
    ✔ パンツでもスカートでもワンピースの上からでもとにかく迷ったらコレ!
    " 10 reasons why we were addicted to cotton knits☆ "
    ✔ Soft and supple
    ✔ Breathable and smoother than regular cotton
    ✔ Hard to get caught even with knitting!
    ✔ The drop silhouette is beautiful even with a basic shape
    ✔ There is also a stylishness that is not found in cut-and-sewn materials
    ✔ Even if you put it between one shoulder or elastic waist, it won't get stiff at all!
    ✔ Even though it's a knit, you can wash it at home
    ✔ Not to be thickly dressed
    ✔ Although it is spacious, it is easy to put on a light outer from above
    ✔ Anyway, this is from pants, skirts, or dresses!

" カラーボトムスからストライプ、カジュアルからキレイ目系のボトムスまで全てにマッチ! "
" Matches everything from color bottoms to stripes, casual to beautiful bottoms! "

" 黒との相性、最高!いつものBLACKアイテムもまた違った表情にしてくれる! "
" Great buddy with black! The usual BLACK items also give a different look! "