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意外とありそうでなかったスウェット素材のライダース。 しかも、あのモチモチスウェット素材でビックシルエット。
Following last week's 2-must haori, this item has a completely different atmosphere and material.
It made of sweatshirt material that was unexpectedly unlikely. What's more, it has a big silhouette made of that chewy sweatshirt material.
In that case, there is no reason why it doesn't go well with the items you have now! By the way, this time we will focus on this fluffy rider who can never be removed from a different perspective from last week's 2 must-have items!
Introducing 1week styling that makes it easy to cover casual, unisex, feminine, and any atmosphere styling with this one!


Now that I'm using that fluffy sweatshirt that is absolutely indispensable for QUADRATO, it gives a stylish impression even if it's a sweatshirt material like the hoodie crew neck sweatshirt.
This fluffy sweatshirt material has 360° elasticity and fine eyes, so the surface has a refreshing impression instead of the casual feeling peculiar to the sweatshirt material, and there is no fluffing, which is stylish while being a sweatshirt material◎
As sweat moto-jacket with a completely different concept from leather moto-jacket, it is in stock this year as well as last year.
Even though it is a sweatshirt material, it takes time to sew and cut it as a jacket, so this is the last item in stock.
Regarding this, there will be no additional production in the future, so why not get it at this timing?

    • " ドレープを活かしたゆったりワンピともバランス良く◎ " "Well-balanced with a loose dress that makes use of the drape"
    • " ゆったりライダースとデニムの組合せ、最強説! " "The strongest combination of loose jacket and denim!"
    • " ゆったりトップスの上からでも問題なし!ゴワツキ一切なし! " "There is no ruggedness even from the top of loose tops!"
    • " スウェット素材でまとめるスポーティーカジュアルにもライダース! " "Jacket for sporty casual wear with sweatshirts!"
    • " 冬にはコート中にINして、ジップアップパーカー感覚で! " "In winter, put it in the coat and feel like a zip-up hoodie!"
    • " シンプルスタイリングにエッジとプラスしてくれるライダース " "Jacket that adds edge to simple styling"
    • " グレートーンのスタイリングのまとめ役にスウェットライダース! " "Sweat jacket as a coordinator of grey tone styling!"