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Primordial is Primitive has been producing long-selling models as bottoms that can be used not only for comfort but also for daily.
Nowadays, there are many people who have different materials as well as different colors for the 722 series.
Some people said that they didn't know how to style it when it was first released.
It suits everything with each season! If you are in trouble, these pants! It's so popular.

This time, we will introduce the 100 series pants released as a new model this season, the bottoms that can be used even though the silhouette is completely different from the 722 series and the atmosphere is different!
I have a feeling that this bottoms with a new design this season will be the next long-selling product!






✔Unlike long wide pants, which are difficult to choose shoes, a sense of length that suits anything

✔Not an elegant and feminine skirt, but cool pants

✔Keep a well-balanced and beautiful silhouette for any body shape!

✔Easily change the position to wear with the elastic waist and balance it with the tops!

✔Pants that move every time you walk will make you feel better!

    • " カジュアルスウェットでアクティブスタイリングにも! " "Casual sweatshirts for active styling!"
    • " いつものメンズライクなスタイリングも一瞬にしてチェンジ! " "The usual men's-like styling changes in an instant!"
    • " キレイなトップスのラインをそのままにパンツのラインとマッチさせる! " "Match the beautiful tops line with the pants line as it is!"
    • " アウターを惹きたててくれる名脇役としても使える! " "As a supporting role that attracts outerwear!"
    • " インナーパンツとしてエッジをプラスしてメリハリスタイリング! " "Add an edge as inner pants for sharp styling!"
    • " しっかりゴムにトップスを挟み込んでメリハリバランスでカラートップスも◎ " "The tops are firmly sandwiched between the elastic waist and the color tops are well-balanced."
    • " ゆったりパンツ、スッキリトップスのメリハリ。最後はゆったり羽織りでまとめる! " "Loose pants and refreshing tops. At the end, put it together in a loose light coat!"
    • " ウェストゴムを下げてショートトップスとのバランスPerfect! " "The elastic waist is lowered and the balance with the short tops is perfect!"