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すでに一本は手にして、色違いを手にするかカタチ違いで買い足すか悩んでいる方。 初めての一本目は、どれにするか悩んでいる方。
Even now, three weeks after mochi mochi sweat series were released, the momentum has not stopped.
Especially in pants, most people suffer to decide to get which shape and color.
So, this time, we will assist you in how to divide the styling of these two pants and how to divide the base styling!

Those who have already got one and are worried about whether to get a different color or buy more in a different shape. Those who are worried about which one to use for the first time.
Let's start by choosing which styling balance you like first!

" スッキリボトムスとゆったりトップスのスタイリッシュバランス派にはSLIMで "

" SLIM pants for a stylish balance of neat pants and loose tops "

By combining with a slim type that uses voluminous tops and outer, the overall balance is well-organized and a stylish atmosphere is created.
It wipes out the casual image of sweatpants so far!
Switching around the knees will improve the effect of beautiful legs, so if you are a man and have a thick calf and have nothing to do with slim pants, please try this one.
    • " 上下スウェット素材でも違和感ナシ!コレがスリムスウェットパンツのチカラ! " "No discomfort even with upper and lower sweatshirts! This is the power of slim sweatpants!"
    • " ボリュームある上部のレイヤードにスリムスウェット。プラスヒールブーツでPerfectバランスに " "Slim sweatshirts on the voluminous upper layered. Perfect balance with heel boots"
    • " デザインニットを主役に、カラースウェットスリムパンツの名脇役がベストマッチ " "Design knit is the leading role, and the supporting role of color sweat slim pants is the best match"
    • " オーバーサイズにはスッキリスリムスウェットで誰でも間違いのないバランスに! " "For oversize, a neat slim sweatshirt for a perfect balance for everyone!"

" エッジを効かせたボリュームバランスのCOOLスタイリング派はSARROUELで "

" The volume-balanced COOL styling with an edge is SARROUEL. "

Many one thought that it would be difficult to take a balance with loose sarrouel and loose tops, but this sarrouel can take a good line from below the knees to the ankles is beautiful.
In addition, you can create a sharp atmosphere by combining it with boots and tall sneakers.
While adding volume to the overall silhouette, the styling gives a men's-like COOL impression by putting it together tightly around the legs!
For short stature and slender people, just fold the waist rubber and it will definitely improve your balance!
    • " ロングニットカーディガンでもサルエルなら甘くない、COOLなバランスに! " "Even with a long knit cardigan, Sarrouel is not too sweet, and it has a cool balance!"
    • " デザインコートも、ゆったりスウェットサルエルでラフな印象に! " "The design coat also wear with a loose sweatshirt and a rough cool impression!"
    • " 上下カラースウェットも、サルエルなら脱スポーティーでCOOLな印象に! " "Set-up color sweat wears are not sporty but cool with Sarrouel!"
    • " スッキリロングブルゾンとサルエルのコンビは、間違いのないテッパンバランス! " "The combination of a neat long blouson and Saruel is a perfect balance!"

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