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発売開始からとにかく人気な、もちもちスウェットシリーズの新色CAFÉ LATTE。

今回は、多くの方が迷っているスリムとサルエルの2型をそれぞれの白スタイリングをご紹介! 雰囲気の比較をしながら、まずは一本手にして欲しいCAFÉ LATTEです!
The new color CAFÉ LATTE of the sweatshirt series, which has been popular since its release.
We have mainly introduced styling with black, but in fact, it is a self-confident work made by sticking to the color of the tone that goes well with white as well as black!
We will introduce the styling with white with a new impression and have you enjoy it, so this time the ban on WHITE matching is finally lifted!

This time, we will introduce the white styling of each of the slim and sarouel types that many people are wondering about! While comparing the atmosphere, it is CAFÉ LATTE that I want you to get one first!

" SLIM " ~スッキリ美脚効果絶大なスリムタイプ~
"SLIM" ~Slim type with great leg effect~
The slim type, which is made of sweat material but feels more stylish than casual, has a silhouette created by draping and cutting around the knees.

    • " 白羽織りでWHITEの比率が多い時は、スリムタイプでスッキリまとめる! "
      "When the ratio of WHITE is high in white outer, the slim type is neat and tidy!"

    • " シンプル白トップスとスリムのコンビでスタイルKEEP! "
      "Style KEEP with a combination of simple white tops and slim pants!"

    • " 上下スウェットスタイリングでも、スリムとヒールブーツでエッジを効かせて◎! "
      "Even with top and bottom sweat styling, slim and heel boots give you an edge!"

" SARROUEL " ~断トツのカッコ良さはサルエルタイプで~
"SARROUEL" ~The coolness of the cut is the Sarrouel type~
Not only can you fold the hem, but you can also tie the back of the hem tightly to create a feeling of accumulation around the hem!

    • " サルエルのボリューム感が、白Tシャツのベーシックな合わせもサマにしてくれる! "
      "The voluminous feel of Sarrouel makes the basic matching of white T-shirts cool!"

    • " スッキリフーディーとサルエルのメリハリバランスは、初心者さんでもサマになる! "
      "The sharp balance between refreshing hoodie and Sarrouel!"

    • " チラッと見せるインナー白とアウター白のリンク。サルエルでCOOLにまとめる! "
      "A link coordination of inner white and outer white that makes you look glancing. Put together in COOL with Sarrouel!"