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アイスグレーのストレッチデニムジャケット。 PAL OFFNERのアイコン的シルエットのジャケットは、今では毎シーズン必ずと言っていいほどコレクションでは存在感あるアイテムに。
その為、現在QUADRATOではこのアイコン的ジャケットのセレクトはストップしている為、今取り扱いをしているこのICE GREYのストレッチデニムに改めてフォーカスしてその良さをまとめたのが今回のコンテンツ。
カジュアルからキレイ目、デイリーからちょっとしたお出かけにと、ICE GREYだからこそスタイリングの幅が広がるというポイントも含めて、この最後のチャンスに決めてみては?
Ice grey stretch denim jacket. PAL OFFNER's iconic silhouette jacket is now an item that has a strong presence in the collection almost every season.
However, the price of this stretch denim material, which can be worn all season with denim that is not too thick, has been forced to increase due to the soaring price of the material year by year.
Therefore, since the selection of this iconic jacket is currently stopped at QUADRATO, this content focuses on the stretch denim of this ICE GRAY that we are currently handling and summarizes its goodness.
From casual to beautiful eyes, to a little outing from daily, why not decide on this last chance, including the point that the range of styling will expand because of ICE GRAY?

A versatile jacket that can cover everything from casual to office look and elegant, daily to hang outings!

When it's chilly, of course, Ice Grey makes it look like a simple layered styling!