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Content focusing on long cardigans that we really wanted to do with the contents of April-May, which is the turning point of the season!
I have a middle length, but I'm surprised that many people don't get a long length.
In QUADRATO, on the contrary, a middle-length cardigan is halfway and difficult to balance, so it is unnecessary! Only we need long ones!

So, this time, we will focus on two types of long cardigans and introduce that they have similar but completely different atmospheres!
Both long cardigans are a must-have item for this spring/summer styling!

アームや肩・胸周りは伸縮性あるコットンでストレスフリー。 そしてロング丈でも軽さのあるリネン素材が、歩く度に動きが出て◎
The long cardigan, which switches between cotton and linen, has a shirt-based design.
Elastic cotton around the arms, shoulders and chest is stress-free. And the long and light linen material moves every time you walk◎
    • " シンプルカラーボトムスもロング黒ならきちんとまとまる! "
      " If the simple color bottoms are also long black, they will be neatly organized! "
    • " ワンピとブーツにサッと羽織って甘さよりカッコイイで! "
      " Wear it on your dress and boots and it's cooler than sweet! "

    • " 重くなりがちな黒ベースのスタイリングもロング白でスッキリ軽く! "
      " The black-based styling, which tends to be heavy, is also long white and light and refreshing! "
    • " サンダルにワンピ。リゾート感がでそうな時にはシャツ感覚のロング白でピシッと! "
      " Dress on sandals. When it looks like a resort, tighten it with a long white shirt! "

ニットのような編みとはいえ素材はコットン100%。 とにかく肌触りの良い、柔らかくしなやかで肌に気持ちよく◎ 袖周りの溜まり具合や、ムダをなくしたスッキリデザインが◎ Although it is knitted like a knit, the material is 100% cotton. Anyway, it feels good on the skin, soft and supple, and feels good on the skin. A neat design that eliminates waste and the amount of accumulation around the sleeves ◎
    • " パンツのシルエットとの相性◎ ゆったりリラックス感を楽しむ! "
      " Compatibility with the silhouette of pants◎ Enjoy a relaxing feeling! "
    • " カチッとなりがちなモノトーンコーデも、ゆったりカーディガンでラフ感を! "
      " The monotone outfit, which tends to be serious, has a loose cardigan for a rough feel! "

    • " 白トップスとのバランス良き!ボトムス黒でしっかりまとめつつ、ベージュカーデでヌケ感をプラス "
      " Good balance with white tops! The bottoms are black and the beige cardigan adds a sense "
    • " TRY! COOLなロング感でショーパンスタイリングもカッコよく! "
      " TRY! COOL long feeling and cool show bread styling! "