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これから暑くなるし、ひとまず秋までは我慢!と言いつつ、秋になるとつい先にお洋服に手を出してしまい、なかなかブーツやカバンにたどり着かない……と毎年そんな声を多く耳にするので、 そこで今回は、「賢く手にして、賢く使う!」を証明すべく、今一番人気でお問合せや相談が多いバッグとブーツにフォーカス!
Finally in May, we feel warm during the day.
Many people get lost at this time, but leather items such as boots and bags that I have been interested in for a long time.
It's getting hot from now on, and I'll put up with it until autumn! However, in the fall, I get out of my clothes first, and it's hard to reach my boots and bags ... I hear a lot of such voices every year. Therefore, this time, we will focus on bags and boots, which are the most popular and have many inquiries and consultations, in order to prove that "get them wisely and use them wisely!"
Five months have passed since each product was released, and while comparing it with personal items that have become familiar and cooler, we will introduce the reasons why you should get it now in an easy-to-understand manner!


~Every time I feel that the more I use it, the more texture appear on the leather, I also feel the ease of use in everyday life~
  • デザインやレザーだけじゃない! 使い込んでレザーが馴染んでも、劣化しない、職人の手仕事による造りの良さ。

    Not just design and leather! Even if the leather is used and familiar, it does not deteriorate, and it is made by craftsmen.

  • デイリーバッグとして想像以上の実用性を発揮してくれる! 最低限の持ち物に、プラスアルファで入る余裕アリ。

    It's more practical than you imagine as a daily bag! There is room for a minimum of belongings.

~ブーツ好きだからこそ、こだわりたい夏のブーツスタイリングバランス~ ~Because I like boots, so I want to stick to summer boots styling balance~
  • レザーの重厚感あるしっかりとしたフロントドレープが育つことで、よりキレイなシルエットのブーツになる!

    By becoming a beautiful front drape silhouette with a profound feeling of leather!

  • ヒールの高さは同じ。ソールの違いだけじゃない!丈感の違いでも大きく印象が変わる夏のブーツスタイリング!

    The height of heels are same. Not just the difference in soles appearance! Summer boots styling that makes a big difference in the impression even if the difference in shaft length!

    • " ゆったりロングカーディガンコートも、スッキリブーツならバランス良くまとまる! "
      " Loose long cardigan coats are well-balanced with neat boots! "

    • " ロング丈のスタイリング。でも絶対に外したくないブーツの足元も安心のスッキリ感! "
      " Long length styling. However, the feet of the boots that you definitely don't want to remove are also safe and refreshing! "