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WEB Storeではもちろん、店頭でも今期も多くの方々のもとへ、ワタシ達の自信と愛着あるアイテムをお届けしました。
そこで今回は店頭で人気なアイテムで、今までコンテンツでフォーカスしてこなかったアイテムを、Web Storeでしか見れない方々に向けて発信!

This week, July ends and August begins.
Not only at the WEB Store, but also at the store and this term, we have delivered items that we are confident and attached to to many people.
Items focused on content and items introduced on Instagram are, of course, popular items that are attracting attention both on the Web and in stores.
However, unlike the Web, other items are also popular at stores! There is something like that.
It's a new discovery by seeing what I and Yamada are wearing, and being able to pick it up and try it on! I think that is a big reason.
Therefore, this time, we will send out items that are popular in stores and have not been focused on content until now to people who can only see them on the Web Store!

Because it is simple, it is difficult to convey on the WEB. But it can be used because it is simple!
And even though it is simple, it has a slightly different design point and is a popular type 2!



✔This gadation color is easy to try even for those who are resistant to all-white sweatshirts

✔Nostra's proud sweatshirt fabric with a stylish texture that feels good against the skin and does not lose its shape.

✔You know the goodness if you wear it, you don't know if you don't!

This skirt is when it's hot! Even this length is too comfortable!
And above all, the silhouette that moves when you walk makes you feel agile!
    • " 黒とグレーブラックのグラデーション。
      夏らしい素材感のトップスとハットを活かして見た目もCOOLに! "
      "Black and grey black gradation coordination.
      Taking advantage of the summer-like textured tops and hats, the appearance is also COOL!"
    • " スポーティーになりがちな白ソールサンダルもエッジを効かせて◎ "
      "White sole sandals, which tend to be sporty, also have an edge."
    • " カーディガンJKでピシッとキメつつ、着心地は楽チン!
      身長・体型を問わないベストバランスに! "
      "It's comfortable to wear while being sharp with the cardigan JK!
      For the best balance regardless of height or body shape!"
    • " トップスとスカートのアシメがリンクしてスッキリまとまった印象に! "
      "The tops and skirts are linked to give a neat and tidy impression!"

The loose wide pants, but it gives a sense of volume and neat silhouette from the side tack◎
The exquisite sense of length makes the area below the knees look refreshing, which is a joyful point for everyone in the store!
    • " ただのワイドパンツじゃコンサバになる所、このパンツならプリントTとのスタイリングがCOOLに! "
      "Just normal wide pants can be a conservative, but these pants have a cool styling with Print Tee!"
    • " アシメTシャツとの相性抜群!
      カラーTシャツでもしっくり馴染む! "
      "Excellent compatibility with asymmetric T-shirts!
      Even a color T-shirt fits nicely!"
    • " スッキリタンクでパンツのシルエットを活かしたスタイリングに! "
      "For styling that makes use of the silhouette of pants with a refreshing tank!"
    • " ゆったりトップスとの合わせも、ウェストに挟んであげるだけでパンツとのメリハリが◎ "
      "Even with loose tops, just put it in the waist and it will be sharp with pants◎"