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For those of you who have always wanted a jumpsuit but didn't get it because you thought it would be a one-size-fits-all styling, we have created an item that you can enjoy styling with the theme of "jumpsuit that never gets tired of and has a wide range of styling!"
This, the sleeves are also detouchable, so you can easily change from long sleeves to short sleeves with a button!
There is no doubt that it will be a big success in the coming season!
Therefore, this time, we would like to introduce you to the fact that you can enjoy styling with your existing tops even from this time of year when the lingering summer heat still lingers!


3 basic ways to wear that can be easily arranged according to the season

①With long sleeves, you can wear a cut and sewn hoodie as an inner, taking advantage of the loose body width!
②With half sleeves, keep it simple by taking advantage of the beautiful silhouette!
③As pants, you can wear it with your usual tops to keep you dry and comfortable even in hot weather!


The inner drawcord and button create two types of silhouettes for the pants.

①Instead of using a drawcord, the pants are shortened, the front button is fastened, and the long sleeves are tied from the front to the side.
②Tie the inner drawcord at the waist for mid-length pants. Tie the sleeves at the back for a clean look!


Take advantage of the loose width and wear a cut and sewn hoodie underneath for a layered look!
Also, as an arrangement that can be done on the spot, you can wear it as pants as it is.

    • " フルレングスでゆったりと履いたパンツとカバートップスでバランスの良いシルエットに! " "A well-balanced silhouette with full-length loose pants and cover tops!"
    • " 袖をそのままサイドに落としてボリューム感あるパンツにすることでトップスとも自然な流れに! " "By dropping the sleeves to the side and making pants with a sense of volume, you can create a natural flow with the top!"
    • " Tシャツとのベーシックな合わせもカーキとならメンズライクなエッジが効いた雰囲気に! " "For a basic combination with a T-shirt, khaki gives off a masculine edges!"
    • " ゆったりオーバーサイズのトップスとも相性の良いミドル丈パンツはテッパンスタイリング! " "Middle-length pants that go well with loose oversized tops are timeless styling!"
    • " 裾をしっかりと折り返してロングタイトスカート風に見えるようにすることでアシメトップスが映えるバランスに! " "By folding the hem firmly to make it look like a long tight skirt, the asymmetrical top is well balanced!"
    • " いつものTシャツもボリューム感あるパンツとあわせてエッジを効かせた雰囲気に! " "Pair your usual T-shirt with voluminous pants for an edgy look!"