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This week is the end of August, I would like to introduce an autumn outfit using two of my favorite items that many people often saw on my Instagram and stories this summer!
And the key items that make the autumn styling are also 4 familiar items!
In autumn/winter styling, you can enjoy a wider range of your favorite items than in summer styling, so you can create a different impression and atmosphere!
For those who already have it, before putting it away in the back of the closet, for those who are thinking about getting it, please refer to it as a way to enjoy the coming season!
The my selected items will wear myself, so I am proud to introduce the quality of the items and how to enjoy styling!

  • Andrea Ya'aqov

    The item that I like every year is also very active this year after 4 years!
    A dress that can be worn as a long skirt that has been discovered last year, and has a wider range of styling for autumn and winter!
  • Primordial is Primitive

    この春夏に登場したパンツ、夏のシンプルなスタイリングではプリントがアクセントになるだけでなく、プリントの黒とトップスの黒がリンクして、全体のバランスがまとまりやすく、スタイリングしやすいアイテムとして大活躍! The pants that appeared this spring and summer not only accent the print in the simple styling of the summer, but the black print and the black top are linked, making it easy to coordinate the overall balance and making it an easy-to-styling item!

  • ワンピースとして着用した上からON!
    Wear it as a dress and turn it on!
    Printed tops with a casual impression can also be combined with khaki for a cool impression!

  • 柔らかく、肌触りの良いコットンニットトップスはしなやかなオチ感でゆったりとしているのに、すっきりとした印象に! The soft and comfortable cotton knit top has a supple and relaxed feel, but it gives a clean impression!

  • スウェットフーディーとの相性の良さは一目瞭然!
    The compatibility with sweat hoodie is obvious at a glance!
    Simply put it on over a dress for perfect styling!

  • ワンピからロングスカートへとアレンジしてウェストのベルトでしっかり固定!
    Arrange from a dress to a long skirt and buckle on your belt!
    The top is made of a smooth fabric that does not feel stiff, so you can put it on the front belt for a good balance!

  • ゆったりとしたシルエットと長めの丈感のコットントップスとを合わせることで、全体のホワイト面積が抑えられて秋モードに! By combining a relaxed silhouette with a long cotton top, the overall white area is suppressed and you are in autumn mode!

  • ゴワツキのないパンツだからこそ、トップスもゴワつかずにキレイなシルエットをそのまま活かして◎
    Because it's not bulky pants, you can keep the beautiful silhouette of the top without feeling bulky.
    The white of the inner tank that makes the top look like it's dropped to the back makes it a link with the pants!

  • プリントトップスとの合わせでも、全く重くならないパンツとトップスのWプリント。
    Combination of prints on pants and tops that won't weigh you down at all.
    The cocoon silhouette of the top is great when paired with refreshing pants.

  • スウェットフーディーとパンツ、どちらもスッキリシルエットでカジュアルな中にもスタイリッシュさがあるスタイリングに! Sweat hoodie and pants, both of which have a neat silhouette and are casual for stylish styling!