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やはりその理由は、スウェット生地でありながらしっかりとしたアウター並みの暖かさがあり、寒くなり始めの今時期から着ていても違和感なく、そして真冬にもコートの中に着ることも出来るという点と、 RUNDHOLZのアウターとしてはプライスがイイと言うこと!
RUNDHOLZ's sweat zip-up series, which is celebrating its second fall and winter this year.
Following last year's resale, this year is also popular and many sizes are already missing.
The reason for this is that although it is a sweatshirt fabric, it has the warmth of a solid outerwear, so you can wear it even when it starts to get cold this time of year, and you can wear it under a coat even in the middle of winter. , The price is good for RUNDHOLZ outerwear!
Therefore, this time, before the end of the season as soon as it runs out, we will reveal the styling of each of the three colors at once!
This series will give you a completely different atmosphere with all three colors.
The one I got last year is in a different color, so I know I'll get it this year, so all three colors are so good!
Along with the styling for each type, please refer to the styling for those who have it and those who are hesitating!

From all-black styling to colored pants styling, BLACK is easy to match.
Even though it is a sweat zip that has a strong presence, it also fits well with your styling.

As the color name BIRCH, the product dyes the product based on white, giving it a feeling of light black like a watercolor painting, or adding gray to it.
Even people who don't have a white-based outerwear can easily match it, which is why it's so popular!

DOUGLAS, which has a deep gray and khaki tone, can be used in a wide range of styles, from casual to edge styling, based on black styling!
A color outerwear that you will never get tired of!