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These Hoodie tops, which were launched at the start of this season.
This top features a layered design on the hem and a cord on the side, even though it is simple.
In the fall, it was very popular as a main top when paired with a wide variety of bottoms, so most people wore it in different colors!
Therefore, this time, while preparing for the cold weather, we will focus on using this top as an inner top and as a must-have item for winter!
When it gets cold, it's essential to wear an inner layer under the top, so just using the inner top for styling will make a difference in your everyday styling!
A long T hoodie that will become the main character of autumn and a supporting role of winter!


This time, we will compare 3 colors based on 4 daily stylings so that you can use them in your daily styling without hesitation.
Even if the base is the same, just the color of the inner top is different, and the impression is different◎

    • 丸首タイプのトップスも、ストールやネックレスがないとどこか物足りない雰囲気に。
      Round-necked tops also look somewhat unsatisfactory without a stole or necklace.
      Therefore, by inserting the long hoodie top and exposing the hood, it adds warmth and a balance around the neck!

    • イチマイでサマになるジャンプスーツの印象を簡単に変えるなら、インナーフーディーをプラスすることが◎
      If you want to easily change the impression of a jumpsuit that makes you look cute, add an inner hoodie.
      Because it's a clean long T-hoodie, it won't feel stiff as an inner layer!

    • ニットジョギパンとスウェットフーディーのテッパンDailyスタイリング。
      Timeless Daily styling of knit jogging pants and sweat hoodie.
      Of course, this alone is popular as a well-balanced combination.
      However, just by adding it as an inner top, you can see the difference at once!

    • スタイリッシュな雰囲気のロングスウェットトップスもインナーフーディーの有無で全く印象が変わる!
      The long sweat tops with a stylish atmosphere will completely change the impression with or without an inner hoodie!
      In addition, the cuffs are loose, so you can easily show off the inner color without feeling stiff.