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実際、ワタシもこのライトスウェットは7月はもちろん8月でも室内のエアコン対策としていつも愛用しているので、この時期に手にしただいた方の気持ちは分かります! ホントに使えるんですよ、このトップス!
RUNDHOLZ light sweatshirt tops sold out even in this heat in August.
Long-sleeved sweatshirts sold out in hot summer? You may be thinking!
In fact, I always use this light sweatshirt in July and even in August as a countermeasure against indoor air conditioning, so I can understand why you would want to buy it at this time of year! It's really useful, this top!
However, we get a lot of people asking us which colour we recommend for this light sweatshirt top, or wondering until the last minute which colour to choose between BLACK and SLATE. We've received a lot of inquiries asking us which colour we recommend!
We recommended that if they were having trouble, they should definitely choose SLATE, and those who got it said they were glad they chose this SLATE! We have received some very positive messages from those who have used the SLATE!
So, for this issue, we're going to thoroughly introduce you to this season's styling, which makes the most of the light sweatshirt's qualities and SLATE's colours, as well as autumn/winter styling a little bit ahead of time!

  • " Put OFF "
    Tシャツとパンツのシンプルなスタイリングがベース。 着ないときは、ウェストに巻き付けることで、サシ色的にスタイリングにメリハリが生まれる!
    " Wear ON "
    " Put OFF "
    Based on the simple styling of a T-shirt and trousers. When not worn, it can be wrapped around the waist to create a accentted coloured styling effect!
    " Wear ON "
    The silhouette of the trouser hem and the silhouette link of the front layer give the impression of an edgy look in a simple styling with just a quick wrap!

  • " Put OFF "
    " Wear ON "
    " Put OFF "
    For a monotone coordination that has a beautiful silhouette but is somewhat lacking in body and spirit, wear the tassels in the opposite direction to accentuate the look!
    " Wear ON "
    The loose opening at the neck can be used to bring the balance together by simply showing one shoulder just enough to show a glimpse of the black of the inner tank!

  • NowのON同様に秋だってそのまま着て楽しむ!
    Enjoy wearing it as it is in autumn as well as in summer!
    By wrapping a black stole around the neck and sandwiching the SLATE in black, the casual styling of joggy pants and sweat tops will blend in with the colour of the SLATE and give it a COOL impression at once!

  • ロングの羽織をメインにしたオールブラックスタイリング。
    All-black styling with a long coat main body.
    Wear it inside a long coat cardigan, or dare to wear it like a stole over your shoulders and turn it on, to keep you warm and look fashionable at the same time!