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毎日ストーリーズにアップしているワタシの出勤時スタイルと、 出勤後のスタイリング。 ここ最近は、外出先での打ち合わせや外出がないので、その日の天気や気分によって、出勤後にスタイリングチェンジするのを楽しむのが今の私ファッションライフ。 出勤時は、楽チンで動きやすいスタイリング。 でもいつ誰に道で会ってもいいように、"楽チン=手抜き"というのではなく、あくまでも"ラフな雰囲気"というのがワタシの鉄則。 出勤後は、作業などのディスクワーク以外も多いので動きやすいスタイリングが最近の定番。 今回、一日2つのスタイリングで使用したアイテムは全て、着心地も良く、自宅で洗濯もでき、スタイリングも楽しめる、 私が自信をもってセレクトしたアイテムの一部です! Here you can see the styles I wear when I go to work, which I upload to Stories every day, and my stylings that I change after I came to work. Recently, I haven't had meetings and did not go outside, so this is my current fashion life where I enjoy styling changes after going to work, which depends on the weather and mood of the day. Styling that makes it easy to move when you go to work. But it's my irony rule to say "rough atmosphere" rather than "comfort", so that you can meet anyone on the road. After going to work, there are many things other than desk work, so styling that is easy to move is a recent main feature. All of the items that I used for styling two times a day are comfortable to wear, can be washed at home, and of course can be fully enjoyed.

Based on BLACK, the styling with one color added is the latest feeling. There is still a difference in temperature depending on the day, so it is essential to wear a light outer at this time. However, if you use sweatshirts that can be used all season, you will definitely think that you can use as many items with different shapes and colors as you can use for a long time! And withh boots you can balance even with simple styling, so I am wearing boots and sandals all year long!