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デイリーに、ちょっとしたお出かけに、毎回バッグの中身を入れ替えるって意外と多くの人がしないのが現実。 そして洋服は完璧なスタイリングなのにバッグがしっくりこないせいで 残念なスタイリングになってしまう方が多いのも現実。 そんな現実を、一つのバッグで解消できちゃうのがこの2wayバックパック。 すでにこのバッグを手にした人のほとんどが、このバッグを超えるバッグが出てこないというくらいのお墨付きまで。 そこで、再入荷にあたってこの2WAYバッグをすでに使用しているリアルな目線でクローズアップした今回のコンテンツ。 お洋服も一通りクローゼットに揃ったこのタイミングで、シーズンレスで永く愛用できるこのバッグを手に入れてみたら The reality is that surprisingly many people do not change the contents of their bags every time they go out a little. And even though the clothes are perfectly styled, it is a reality that many of them are disappointed because the bag does not fit the style properly. This 2way backpack can solve this a reality with one bag. Most of the people who already have this bag have the approval that no bag exceeding this bag will come out. So, before this bag will be restocked, we made this content with close-up and a realistic perspective of this 2WAY bag. Why don't you try to get this bag that you can use habitually for a long time at this timing?
全面にはしっかりと大きめジップのスライドポケット。 両サイドには、中身が落ちないようにしっかり安心の深めポケット。


No need care!
年間毎日使用しても、丈夫で安心のクオリティ 写真は一年間毎日使用しているもの。レザーの手入れは一切不要で自然に柔らかく、風合いある感じに。

トートバッグのように持てることで簡単に中身の出し入れが可能。 長さ調整が可能なストラップで、アウターの上からでも問題なくバックパックとして。

背面への負担軽減のために背面側にはクッションを。 一見、見た目ではわからないようにスタイリッシュさを大事にしつつ、実用性も。
Practical three side pockets
A large zippered slide pocket on the entire surface. Deep pockets on both sides to ensure that the contents do not fall off.

Even with a large capacity, the shape doesn't loose its form!
Even if you put a computer, a heavy object, or even a thing for 1-2 nights firmly, it will not lose its shape.

No need care!
Even if you use it every day for a year, it is a durable and reliable quality photo that is used every day for a year. No need to care for leather, it is naturally soft and feels good. In addition, the nylon part used for the outer bottom part is not damaged at all.

Real USE 2way
You can easily take in and out the contents by holding it like a tote bag. Adjustable length strap makes it easy to use as a backpack even from the top of the outerwear.

Back cushion reduces the burden
Cushion on the back side is to reduce the load on the back. At first glance, while keeping in mind that it's stylish, you cannot really see that it is also practical. Cushions for reducing this burden often found in sports and mountaineering backpacks.