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この2つのパンツ、スタイリングのしやすさからインスタやWEB STOREでも登場回数が多く、その度にランドホルツのパンツか、プリモのパンツとどちらがイイか迷う! というご相談が多いので、そこで比較!
履き方によってシルエットは似ていても、プライスも特徴も違うこの2つのパンツ。 どちらも使えることは間違いないけど、あなたならどちら派に???
Due to the ease of styling with these two pants, there are many appearances in them on Instagram and WEBSTORE, and each time you might wondering whether RUNDHOLZ pants or Primo pants are good!
We compared them and have a consultation for you, so please have a look! These two pants have similar silhouettes but different prices and characteristics depending on how you wear them.
There is no doubt that both can be used, but which one are you?