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The Ales cup-in-sole sandal has been attracting attention since last season.
This season, the poodle sandal is followed by the tongue sandal!
So this time, we focus on these comfort-sole yet cool-looking thong sandals and the poodle sandals, which, following on from last season, will be the main focus of summer styling!

A sandal series with comfort sole.
This sole series picks up on four best points that go beyond the flat sandals of the past!
  • " ブーツに負けない盛れるソール! " " Sole that can be as prosperous as a boot! "
    The height of the sole is a boon for those who have trouble with flat sandals that don't look as good as boots.
    However, they do not look uncomfortably thick-soled.
  • " ワンポイントのアンクレットがバランス良く見えるソール " " Sole with one-pointed anklet for a balanced look. "
    The main requirement for anklets to look balanced is the balance between the thickness of the sole and the anklet.
    If the sole is thin, the ankle of the anklet will not look sleek!
    A moderately thick sole will give the best balance!
  • " 包み込むような安心感あるソール " " Wrapping and secure sole "
    The insole part that directly faces the foot is a cup insole type with the outside of the insole raised so that it wraps around the sole.
    This sole type prevents the foot from escaping not only from the calf, but also from the sole of the foot!
  • " 幅広くパンツの裾やシルエットにマッチするソール " " Sole to match a wide range of trouser hems and silhouettes "
    Pencil trousers and loose-fitting trousers, which used to be matched with boots, can be matched with this sandal series as they are and still have a good balance!
    In fact, full-length trousers, which would be too dowdy with boots, are no problem!

Two completely different sandals with the same wooden pattern and sole.
The City sandals for quick city wear or the poodle sandal with its stylish fur volume?
    • 足の甲はあまり出したくない、けど全部覆ってしまうと膝下が短く短足に見える……
      You don't want to show too much of the top of your feet, but if you cover them all, they look short below the knee and make you look short-legged...
      City sandals are the best for such people!
    • " スッキリモノトーンで足元もスッキリに! " " Neat and monotone on the feet! "
    • " オールブラックでもサンダルで軽さをプラス! " " Even in all-black, sandals add lightness! "
    • " フェミニン&クールのはずしは、サンダルで " " Feminine and cool with sandals "

    • 春夏コレクションから出ていたファーサンダルをあえて秋冬から発売させたことで、多くの方に秋冬にもサンダルを楽しんでもらえた一足!
      A pair of fur sandals from the spring/summer collection that dared to be launched in autumn/winter, so that many people could enjoy sandals in autumn/winter as well!
      Next came the main spring/summer appearance!
    • " ゆったりトップスに負けない足元のサンダル " " Sandals with as much volume as the loose-fitting top. "
    • " フルレングスも見事にマッチ! " " Full-lengths are also an excellent match! "
    • " ブーツでは出せなかった、ヌケ感あるバランス! " " An effortless balance that could not be achieved with boots! "