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実はこのバッククロスタンク、10年前にQUADRATO Boutiqueとして始めた最初の夏にセレクトアイテムのひとつ。
This tank top reminds me that summer is coming! This back csross tank is one of the most indispensable items for summer, so that every year we receive comments such as "I feel summer coming when I see this tank top!"
In fact, this back cross tank was one of the first summer items we selected when we started QUADRATO Boutique 10 years ago.
Over the past ten years, it has gone to so many people and I have loved it every year, not a single year that I didn't wear it!
So this time, we focus once again on the appeal of this tank!
It is no exaggeration to say that this item has realistically proved its unchanged goodness even after 10 years!


This year, unlike previous fabrics, the cotton base is retained, but in a new, thicker fabric with a linen, viscose and elastane blend.
Compared to the previous fabric, it is thicker and more resilient, and has a good degree of elasticity.
The back side is made a pinch smaller to prevent it from sticking out, so that it feels secure even though it is stretchy!

    • バックスリットがデザイン性あるシルエットとしてだけでなく、スッキリとした細みのラインのままウェストやお尻まわりの突っ張りもなく動きやすさを出してくれる The back slit is not only a design silhouette, but also allows for ease of movement without any protrusion around the waist or hips, while maintaining a clean, slim line.
    • 従来のものより、背中のカーブをほんのひとつまみ詰めたことで、胸囲と身幅はそのままに背中がカパカパしにくくアップグレード! The back curve has been slightly more narrowed than in the previous version, which means that the chest and body width remain the same, but the back is less flabby!
    • 今までのコットンリネンよりも、しっかりと厚みある生地を使用しヴィスコースとエラスタンをプラスすることで、程よい伸縮性のと安心感のある生地厚で気兼なくお洗濯も! The fabric is thicker than conventional cotton linen, and the addition of viscose and elastane gives it a good elasticity and a sense of security, making it easy to wash without concern!
    • INでもOUTでもとにかく誰でも使えるタンクは、スタイリング幅を広げてくれる万能アイテム! A versatile item that can be used IN or OUT, the tank expands your styling range!


Even those who don't want to show their skin directly can feel comfortable layering with an inner tank!
And as a styling feature, summer layering is also comfortable!

    • 黒×DENIMにインナー白タンクをアクセントに! Black and DENIM with inner white tank as accent!
    • インナータンクの白でキレイなGREYをより惹き出す! The white of the inner tank enhances the beautiful GREY!
    • 白パンツに自然に馴染ませレイヤード! Layers that blend naturally with white trousers!
    • 黒のインナータンクで全体のバランスを締める! A black inner tank tightens the overall balance!


When it's still too chilly to wear a tank top as a main item, it can also be used as an inner tank top.

    • インナータンクのグレーがチラッとアクセントに! The grey of the inner tank provides a glimpse of accent!
    • インナーパンツの黒とインナー黒タンクでワンピを底上げ! Elevate the dress style with black inner trousers and an inner black tank!
    • 肩と裾からチラッと見えるタンクは長さもパーフェクト! A tank top glimpsed from the shoulders and hems are perfect in length!
    • バッククロスのデザインを活かしたインナータンクとしても存在感アリ! It also has a strong presence as an inner tank with a back-cross design!